Thursday, November 6, 2008

7 ½ Saturnz -The Best there was,The Best there is and The Best there will be.....

Different individuals from various parts flocked together on July the sixteenth
To awaken a modern generation 7 ½ Saturnz beneath the zenith

Each one had his own identity, persona and role to enact
Which was perfomed with utmost ease and great impact

Its immense pleasure to jot down about this whole lot
Let me portray you guys from whatever I thought

Numero Uno belonged to the mother of our class
All assigments the class completed was because of yours

Next to her was a man of crooked brains and wild ideas
All his witty thoughts had everyone in total chaos

On the numeral four, was always someone who was a guy next door
To make him speak one needed to pest him with a lion’s roar

Badhri had to accommodate himself in the next integer five
It’s a treat to watch when he is high and performs live.

The man born with a pencil was next on the chart
Who was always sincere in his works no matter what?

Born Valentine was assigned to the Bond’s seven
With a physique that was always uneven

On eight was someone known only for his Bent height
Who always showed off to whatever he spoke was always right.

Nine had a character and charisma of an astute politician
Who went about writing competitive exams on a mission

Eleven made way for the fiery Dubai Sheik
With a bottle in hand whenever he was awake

Grandpa Gunas accommodated himself in the first dozen
Many doubted his age for hair being the main reason

Hari Topper got himself the unlucky thirteen.
On mechatronics and science you cant find a guy so keen.

Designer Jack,the hockey man was next on the attendance shortage list.
The man who designed magic even with junk and was great at playing whist.

The heavily built Jithin landed from Muscat came in next.
Bullying people and even teachers he was at his very best.

Mr.IQ with his commanding English accompanied his state mate.
All DVDs,news and novels he had with him up to date.

Saint Jothi cemented his place at the seventh prime.
Lived his whole life with a sense of sublime divine.

Our own big brother and Godfather was the second multiple of nine.
Wildlife,underworld stories,drinks and trips were all his favourite pasttime.

The Blunt Mani was next among the class.
A good athelete of his own elite stature with no flaws.

Mummy manoj was last in the Twenty twenty pack.
Who truly was an ambassador for the colour pitch black.

Database of databases installed himself first in the next twenty.
Grandmaster blinking his eyes resembled to the bird Tweety.

Tiny tot of the class Mughundan was next in the race.
What he does and what he is upto is an intrigued maze.

Another brain god and down to earth was a total asset to this gang
His nonstop talk and service to the class will be remembered for long.

Fair and a silent smile was the next individual’s identity.
Was perfect in whatever he did as a whole entity.

Captain Prabhu with his rules book walked into the pitch.
An excellent rep who never went against the students wish.

Dhirubai made a rampwalk with a new mobile every day.
How he got his degree God only has the explanation to say.

Trendy,the silent killer fitted into the nine’s third multiple
A moody guy, who always kept things plain and simple.

Ramprasad, another club mate rose to the occasion.
His final results spoke for all his dedication.

Next guy was always in news here and there.
God bless you Ramachandran wherever you are.

Ramesh wings Babu arrived straight from the gym
Why he got this name you gotta ask only him.

Alto Rakhi Ram sped into the Saturnz lane
All the girls he proposed all went in vain.

Vijayakanth Sabari posed himself for the next photograph.
The food he ate at hostel almost made people run for his autograph.

The second female got herself the number thirty three.
On the first bench she sat,so lets leave her free.

Ladies specialist made his way into the operation theatre
His snakish voice could not be heard to the nearest millimeter.

Sex specialist joined the list of specialists right behind
Its highly difficult to find people of such a kind.

Danger Rajan Sundar brought in crackers for Diwali
A man interested in fishes and hi-fi astrology.

Tamizh Ayya stormed into the scene in his own style
To have rapport with this guy took all of us some while

Ding Dong Venki strolled into the Saturnz team
Pesting people with repeated questions was his unique theme.

HOD Groundnuts Yoga was also one among us.
A true character who rendered help without much fuss.

Lateral entry science led his team and joined the second year.
His weird questions made people to run away from him with utmost fear.

Jeffrey another stylish automobile freak sped into the track
His attitude, spirit and character was a nutshell to crack.

Chaturvedi came singing chants into the Saturnz ashram
Cool natured guys like you are highly difficult to come.

Dangerous Jayaram with a physique of King Kong
When queried a staff made us very strong.

Karunakaran, the jokemaster came into the group.
Will Never forget his blunt jokes in the very same loop.

S.M.Satheesh with his Short Mokkai Service made our ears bleed.
But never stopped him making some very good friends in need.

Logu was the last but not the least fitting Saturn of all.
Who made sure the Saturnz group always stood strong and tall.

The Saturn years these 44 had was surplus fun and immense pleasure
All these days and seconds all 7 ½ Saturnz shall highly treasure.

The Almighty, If I had atleast one of my wishes come true.
Dearest 7 ½ Saturnz I wished I could still have all of you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Indian Media Heading Towards The Filthy Gutters

India the world’s biggest democratic country with a glamorous and star-studded media has started to lose its sting it had in it to be termed as the strongest media all over the world. Visual media (Television) which is the sought out media by news frenzy fans in India has become more crippled. They have become more addicted to the TRP ratings and have ceased to focus on common-issues of our own aam aadmi.
The presidential elections in the United States has been hyped up and screened on most of leading Indian news channels to such an extent that it makes us feel that we have tuned into American news channels. Day in and day out, you listen to names Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden round the clock due to this media. It bewilders me when “Joe the plumber” has to been screened on Indian television than our own local plumbers, software professionals ,airline employees and young citizens who have nothing but a pink slip to take back home. Do the U.S. media at least tell their own people that ‘so’ and ‘so’ Indian leader has been elected as Prime Minister or President when general elections are held out here, I doubt? What is wrong with you guys, when you have enough news left behind in each and every core territory of our own motherland.You guys essayed the US presidential elections to such an extent that a colleague of mine never knew that heavy bomb blasts had rocked the state of Assam.

The Indian media has surplus news in their own soil to address, especially now like MNS agitations, Regionalism in Maharashtra and Bihar, fellow Tamilians suffering in Sri Lanka ,pink slips to employees, crumbling Indian economy, a crippled sensex ,terrorism almost at his threshold and seasoned cricketers retiring in a heap. What else can you ask for? Be a bit pro-active and bail out our own fellow citizens from all these crises than running behind US columnists and press for their comments.

The Indian media has done enough justice to their responsibilities by exposing various cases to the viewers but have lost their sting to expose it completely and almost gone into selective amnesia about a few cases. Cases like the “Cash for Votes”, Jessica Lall,Aarushi,MNS agitations,SIMI,IM,ULFA and Bajrang Dal were brought to the limelight by the media and deteriorated badly when most of the scams were reaching their climaxes. I firmly believe you could have tried harder in these regards.

Being a vivid cricket fan myself, I need to mention the respect you gave to the legends of the game in their bad times. The media wanted a few players to retire, and when the cricketers retire on their own, they go back again to the player asking for him to come back to the game to bring out some controversy. This is scant respect shown to sportsmen who have won laurels for their nation.

India is proud to have charismatic and lucid journalists like Dr. Prannoy L Roy,Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Zakka Jacob, Sagarika Ghose and many more.All have become prey to the TRP ratings and failed to deliver the news which is in need of the hour. Present news to the public which have an impact on them and the country and the TRP ratings shall take care of itself.