Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Lost Love

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Where a story needs to be written for 250 words based on the picture above

Here goes my Try...

A Lost Love.....

One more shot of blood red wine
To forget the love, that was once mine;
As I look back now, those beautiful years
It moves me into a valley of immature tears;
It all started, on a dusky starless night
Yes, I was in love at the very first sight
Whispers of “Happy New Year” filled the air
Deserted she was in the ballroom skimming for her pair
She lent me her hand to dance along
Awestruck, I was as the DJ spun his song
I sensed from her a fragrance so pure.
I wished she was my girl next door;
This big mouth never uttered a word
Her eyes resembled the Zorro’s sword.
A dimple smile which was crystal white
Almighty, make this a never ending night
It came to a halt my memorable dance
As my heart wished, one more chance
She left me her number and fled the scene
My instincts hinted ,even she was keen
Calls and messages, flooded my phone
Finally I proposed, in my own romantic tone
She accepted me and our love grew strong
A twist arrived to cut short my lovely song
A guy with name and fame entered the scene
Only to elope with my sweetheart queen
I lost in my love, which was so true and dear
Now I have to romance with mere whisky and beer
My mobile rings, its time for my one night stand.
Thanks love, for letting me go off your hand…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alter Ego......

This Story is for a contest by

Where a story needs to be written for 250 words based on the picture above

Here goes my Try...

Twilight played hide and seek. Travis’s satin cloak fluttered in the blustery weather on the cemetery hill entrenched with viper hisses and bob cat cries. Seven shots of " Strathisla Whisky" made Travis soar in heaven. Travis was soliloquizing his past as the mind visualized it.

Two quarters back ,Eva his teenage daughter was strolling on her treadmill. The day when he first showed symptoms, thanks to his visit to the physician’s workplace. Travis confronted Eva to get off the machine as its reverberation agitated him. Eva refused and Travis couldn't resist, he forced Eva down and her immature visage got battered on the treadmill. Eva demised the same day leaving his family shattered.

Travis’s wife had him counseled fearing mental disorders .Travis couldn't digest being coined a psychopath. The asylum days were nightmares. Travis pled with his medic that he was normal but it went unheard. Travis fled the asylum and sped hastily towards the cemetery hill before having enough at the countryside bar.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw people rushing out of the bar petrified. Travis felt a trickle of red fluid from his cloak. He gulped the deadly elixir which blended with his distress. Travis dropped the glass and witnessed it fragment into infinite pieces over Eva’s concrete grave. With Eva’s medical chronicle in one hand and her ravisher’s crown beheaded from the bar on the other , he roared unto the zenith “Yes, I am a Psychopath….. but only I know Why?”

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Nothing to lose,nor anything to prove
We are already on the very right move
Last time we came so close and near
Now its another season to show no fear
We don’t bark ,but have the Lion’s roar
Beware we give it back if you want some more
We are born here to win, no matter what?
Save yourself rival before you are caught
We hail from the south,and have no doubt
So back it off,and shut up your mouth
Man we are kings who rule and stay very cool
Don’t argue with me and make yourself a fool
Enough is enough,lets talk with our willow
And paint the cricket world with the CSK yellow........

Friday, March 6, 2009

CSC... Celebrating 50 glorious years

Glorious 50!!!!

Fletcher with Roy pooled in a hundred dollars and had a saga to say
Had a revolutionary vision christened “CSC” on a 1959 April’s day ;
On a day when fewer than 4000 computers existed in the world
You were born and had your own charismatic chronicle to unfold
In 1961, you zipped off in style by winning a project at the NASA lab
Fellow competitors had their task cut out to catch up and fill in the gap
Two years later, you went public to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange
Never looking back, you were on a victory lap and brought about a new Change
Spanning the whole globe you made your presence felt in more than 80 countries
Feeding 92000 CSCians who shall always serve you for many more centuries.
50 glorious years is nothing but a mere number for your mighty stature
Many more success stories are all yours in the coming near future
The Almighty, If I had at least one of my wishes come true
I wish that Sensation CSC, I am always associated with you....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Three escalators to hope

Aaron glanced at his wrist watch. In 45 minutes a loud and clear message had to be sent to the world. The thought sent a shiver down his spine.He had to do this for his downtrodden community; someone had to take a bold step to make sure their demands got some attention.

Aaron was the chosen one. He had just entered the London airport to do the most daring thing he had never dreamt of. He headed towards the billboard.

On the first escalator was a mother with a new born baby who smiled at him. The child would not know it was his last smile. Aaron felt bad he had to do this to an infant as he slowly strode onto the next escalator.

His eyes fell on a blind boy lending a hand to an elderly woman. He was taken aback by the helpful gesture and felt humanity still existed. But his community made him walk further.

Aaron tripped and fell down with a thud. Immediately there were many extending their hands to get him on his feet. He felt as if all those hands were lending themselves to his community and not to him. He felt disgusted. Those people had given him and his community hope that goodwill hadn't disappeared.

Aaron rose to his feet. He left the airport feeling good that he had not blown up the airport.Yes, he was a suicide bomber. Those three escalators changed his mind. They gave him hope……..

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