Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Three escalators to hope

Aaron glanced at his wrist watch. In 45 minutes a loud and clear message had to be sent to the world. The thought sent a shiver down his spine.He had to do this for his downtrodden community; someone had to take a bold step to make sure their demands got some attention.

Aaron was the chosen one. He had just entered the London airport to do the most daring thing he had never dreamt of. He headed towards the billboard.

On the first escalator was a mother with a new born baby who smiled at him. The child would not know it was his last smile. Aaron felt bad he had to do this to an infant as he slowly strode onto the next escalator.

His eyes fell on a blind boy lending a hand to an elderly woman. He was taken aback by the helpful gesture and felt humanity still existed. But his community made him walk further.

Aaron tripped and fell down with a thud. Immediately there were many extending their hands to get him on his feet. He felt as if all those hands were lending themselves to his community and not to him. He felt disgusted. Those people had given him and his community hope that goodwill hadn't disappeared.

Aaron rose to his feet. He left the airport feeling good that he had not blown up the airport.Yes, he was a suicide bomber. Those three escalators changed his mind. They gave him hope……..

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kunal said...

simple and good story.. though it was going a expected but something is there in it. may be ur style of writing.

vijayakumar said...

Sujatha reborn? - Nice story

Rahul said...

wow!! nicely written...

Am adding u as a friend :)

Vignesh said...

Ur thoughts were simply amazing.