Friday, March 6, 2009

CSC... Celebrating 50 glorious years

Glorious 50!!!!

Fletcher with Roy pooled in a hundred dollars and had a saga to say
Had a revolutionary vision christened “CSC” on a 1959 April’s day ;
On a day when fewer than 4000 computers existed in the world
You were born and had your own charismatic chronicle to unfold
In 1961, you zipped off in style by winning a project at the NASA lab
Fellow competitors had their task cut out to catch up and fill in the gap
Two years later, you went public to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange
Never looking back, you were on a victory lap and brought about a new Change
Spanning the whole globe you made your presence felt in more than 80 countries
Feeding 92000 CSCians who shall always serve you for many more centuries.
50 glorious years is nothing but a mere number for your mighty stature
Many more success stories are all yours in the coming near future
The Almighty, If I had at least one of my wishes come true
I wish that Sensation CSC, I am always associated with you....

1 comment:

sury said...

Every other day I keep discovering some new talent of Blany's like a week ago I discovered his Java coding talent :) and now Blany a Blogger. Can you believe that :):):)

But I have to accept that you are quite good at that and the best part is I can see you improving as a writer in every blog of yours.

Keep Blogging....

PS : Write a blog about Valentines day. I would really like to know what you think abt tht :)