Friday, December 26, 2008

2008: Indian Cricket team at its very best

2008: Indian Cricket team at its very best

2008, the year which was the most happening year is finally going to come a standstill. The Indian Cricket team definitely had many a reason to smile in the end for the way they have shaped as a team and for the way they showcased the best cricket to the world.

This successful ride started from the controversial Sydney test and is still progressing in a very successful note. I have jotted down the 10 most defining moments of the Indian Cricket Team in the year 2008.

1.The best moment was the Perth test win at the WACA on January 19, 2008 simply for the reason as how things were after the Sydney test. To tame the lion in its own den and that too Down Under should definitely record this victory as the sweetest and the most significant one.

2.At 2.31pm on a hot Mohali Friday, October 17,2008 was the day when The Master Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar went past the tally of runs of Brian Charles Lara to become India’s highest test run getter. "If stones are thrown at you, you convert them into milestones." became the slogan of the season.
3.The tri series triumph in Australia at Brisbane in March 4, 2008 should come in next which showed the cricketing world that we are to force to reckon in the ODI format. The Final frontier was finally conquered.

4.Ganguly and Kumble were given the most fitting farewell by both the cricketing fraternity and the public. Both would be missed very badly as both were stalwarts in their own way, born leaders and fighters.Ganguly,India’s best left handed batsman and Kumble,India’s best spinner should definitely hard to be replaced.Ganguly,is a selector for the future for the way he spots talent.We salute you guys for the service you rendered to Indian Cricket.

5.The Chennai test win against England is a tribute to what happened on 26/11 in Mumbai. After being down and out, to chase a record score on the final day track that too in style showed how well the team has turned out into a world-beater. The 5-0 whitewash in the ODI series shows how dominant we were in the whole series.

6.Border –Gavaskar Trophy was finally ours with a thumping win over the Aussies.The Mother of all series gave great value for money and time for the exhibition of cricket that was showcased. The Aussies got a taste of their own medicine at home.

7.The ODI series win in the island nation Sri Lanka deserves a mention especially after the Test series debacle where the cricketing world wrote us off and the way the youngsters handled the nemesis mystery Mendis was overwhelming to watch.

8.The glamorous and star-studded Indian Premier League was like a rock song…. The whole atmosphere was electrifying; women shut down their daily sops and came to the stadiums. The IPL just became a part of our lives during the season. All small town lads got a platform to exhibit their skills and to rub shoulders with the world’s best cricketers. Hats Off to Lalit Modi for such an event.

9.The Under-19 world Cup triumph finds a special mention in this list. Last time we were favorites and let go the cup from our hands in a low scoring final against Pakistan. But this time, we had our moments and grasped it with two hands in a nail biting rain interrupted final.

10.Ishanth Sharma, a fast bowler who has the brightest future was a treat to watch this whole year. He almost gave nightmares to Ponting and always troubled him with the best exhibition of fast bowling I have ever seen by an Indian fast bowler. It should always remain the best fought battle on the cricketing pitch this year.

We are ranked second and third in the ICC rankings in the test format and ODI format respectively. We are just a step away from the pinnacles of glory, by becoming the best cricketing team in the world.
To the Cricketing world, the message is loud and clear from the Indian Cricket Team…”We are team to watch out next year as well”

Thursday, December 25, 2008

M stands for My Magnificient,Mighty and Martyr Mother…….

M stands for My Magnificient,Mighty and Martyr Mother…….

Mom, the three letter word the whole English literature should have immense pride
Amply for this reason, the way you handled your turbulent life and the treacherous tide.

All those 10 months you bore the deadly pain ,to give birth to an ambiguous soul
Which should obviously justify why mother personifies an exquisite role.

The moments when I diversed through a traversed path you solely stood by my side
The pain you confronted and the struggle you underwent presents us a new life guide

A dad can just fund a character,but a mom builds and shapes an character
Just like a butterfly swiftly exploring and embodying a flora’s nectar

Queen of this whole universe, no gift or praises shall match your dearly nature
You truly exemplified as to why you are each individual’s costliest treasure

Almighty, you filled your omnipresence by creating such lovely mothers
Who always lent a helping hand, when our lives were in shambles and tatters?

Mother I am a part of you and your body, breath and elixir blood
Shall ever serve you at your feet for the tears and sweat you shed

I owe you, treasure you and love you what all that you have given me
For you shall always stand tall and strong amidst the mighty sea.

Generations after generations, I pray that I am born to this same mother.
Who almost made me forget there’s a character in this world called father….

>>>>>>>> Love you Mom…….