Thursday, December 25, 2008

M stands for My Magnificient,Mighty and Martyr Mother…….

M stands for My Magnificient,Mighty and Martyr Mother…….

Mom, the three letter word the whole English literature should have immense pride
Amply for this reason, the way you handled your turbulent life and the treacherous tide.

All those 10 months you bore the deadly pain ,to give birth to an ambiguous soul
Which should obviously justify why mother personifies an exquisite role.

The moments when I diversed through a traversed path you solely stood by my side
The pain you confronted and the struggle you underwent presents us a new life guide

A dad can just fund a character,but a mom builds and shapes an character
Just like a butterfly swiftly exploring and embodying a flora’s nectar

Queen of this whole universe, no gift or praises shall match your dearly nature
You truly exemplified as to why you are each individual’s costliest treasure

Almighty, you filled your omnipresence by creating such lovely mothers
Who always lent a helping hand, when our lives were in shambles and tatters?

Mother I am a part of you and your body, breath and elixir blood
Shall ever serve you at your feet for the tears and sweat you shed

I owe you, treasure you and love you what all that you have given me
For you shall always stand tall and strong amidst the mighty sea.

Generations after generations, I pray that I am born to this same mother.
Who almost made me forget there’s a character in this world called father….

>>>>>>>> Love you Mom…….


«charlie|thotti» said...

I can comprehend the depth of your tribute.

Ashok said...

Your acknowledgment of gratitude, respect and admiration to your mom.

kunal said...

man u write so well..