Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Lost Love

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Here goes my Try...

A Lost Love.....

One more shot of blood red wine
To forget the love, that was once mine;
As I look back now, those beautiful years
It moves me into a valley of immature tears;
It all started, on a dusky starless night
Yes, I was in love at the very first sight
Whispers of “Happy New Year” filled the air
Deserted she was in the ballroom skimming for her pair
She lent me her hand to dance along
Awestruck, I was as the DJ spun his song
I sensed from her a fragrance so pure.
I wished she was my girl next door;
This big mouth never uttered a word
Her eyes resembled the Zorro’s sword.
A dimple smile which was crystal white
Almighty, make this a never ending night
It came to a halt my memorable dance
As my heart wished, one more chance
She left me her number and fled the scene
My instincts hinted ,even she was keen
Calls and messages, flooded my phone
Finally I proposed, in my own romantic tone
She accepted me and our love grew strong
A twist arrived to cut short my lovely song
A guy with name and fame entered the scene
Only to elope with my sweetheart queen
I lost in my love, which was so true and dear
Now I have to romance with mere whisky and beer
My mobile rings, its time for my one night stand.
Thanks love, for letting me go off your hand…

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«charlie|thotti» said...

So sorry you lost your friend...