Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alter Ego......

This Story is for a contest by

Where a story needs to be written for 250 words based on the picture above

Here goes my Try...

Twilight played hide and seek. Travis’s satin cloak fluttered in the blustery weather on the cemetery hill entrenched with viper hisses and bob cat cries. Seven shots of " Strathisla Whisky" made Travis soar in heaven. Travis was soliloquizing his past as the mind visualized it.

Two quarters back ,Eva his teenage daughter was strolling on her treadmill. The day when he first showed symptoms, thanks to his visit to the physician’s workplace. Travis confronted Eva to get off the machine as its reverberation agitated him. Eva refused and Travis couldn't resist, he forced Eva down and her immature visage got battered on the treadmill. Eva demised the same day leaving his family shattered.

Travis’s wife had him counseled fearing mental disorders .Travis couldn't digest being coined a psychopath. The asylum days were nightmares. Travis pled with his medic that he was normal but it went unheard. Travis fled the asylum and sped hastily towards the cemetery hill before having enough at the countryside bar.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw people rushing out of the bar petrified. Travis felt a trickle of red fluid from his cloak. He gulped the deadly elixir which blended with his distress. Travis dropped the glass and witnessed it fragment into infinite pieces over Eva’s concrete grave. With Eva’s medical chronicle in one hand and her ravisher’s crown beheaded from the bar on the other , he roared unto the zenith “Yes, I am a Psychopath….. but only I know Why?”

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